How To Make Battery Acid | What You Need To Know

How To Make Battery Acid at Home

Upon thinking about how to make battery acid, you might be wondering that this would be an experiment that would be best left up to the experts. Even though you are quite curious to find out how this would fare, you also know that it tends to come with its fair share of dangers and negative consequences.

WARNING: It is not recommended you do this at home, this is for informational purposes only. Do not attempt unless you are in a safe setting

Yes you can make battery acid right at your home. Simply put, you would need to know how to make sulfuric acid. Since this is a chemical which could be difficult to obtain at times, you would no longer have to face this difficulty since you can make this in your kitchen. All in all, it would be worth seeing how it would turn out.


Materials needed for homemade sulfuric acid

First things first, you would need to know about the materials which would be required to make battery acid. If you are thinking that it would entail a long list, you are in for quite a surprise.

Simply put, the process would start off with sulfuric acid which would be diluted. As time would pass in boiling, it would then become concentrated sulfuric acid. In other words, this would be the easiest and the safest method that you would be able to apply in making sulfuric acid right in your home.

In terms of the things that you would require, these are as follows:

  • A glass container
  • Car battery acid
  • An outdoor source of heat, such as a grill.

In the case of battery acid, you would also be able to find readymade ones in any automotive supply store. However, these would usually be 35 percent of sulfuric acid. So, even though it would be strong enough for your activities, there might be some instances in which you would require concentrated sulfuric acid. In that case, all you would have to do is remove the water. Again, this would not give you reagent grade sulfuric acid, so that would be something again that you would need to keep in mind.

The safest method

Since we are talking about how to make battery acid, it would be quite normal that you would like to know about the safest method. This is because if this is something which you are trying out for the first time, you would like to limit the damage as much as would be possible.

So, if you would not be in a hurry, then you could concentrate the sulfuric acid by allowing it to evaporate in a natural manner. This process would take up a couple of days. In terms of the steps that you would need to follow, read below.

  1. The first thing that you would have to do is place an open container of sulfuric acid in a place which would provide you with good circulation and which would also protect the container from spills.
  2. You should then loosely cover the container in order to minimize contamination with dust and other particles.
  3. After that, all you would have to do is wait while the water would evaporate out of the solution. It would then eventually leave you with concentrated sulfuric acid. If you would like to drive off the remaining water, then you would need to heat the liquid.

The quickest method a.k.a do not try this

When talking about how to make homemade sulfuric acid, it would also be a good idea to know about the quickest method. This is because it might happen that you do not have a lot of time on your hands but you would need to get the job done quickly. In this case, you would need to boil the water out of the fast.

Even though it would be regarded as a fast process, it would need to be done with extreme care. In addition, you should also do this outdoors so that you would not be exposed to acid fumes. Other than that, you would always have to entertain the possibility of the glass shattering, so you would need to be prepared for that as well.

Hence, these would be some of the methods you can use to make battery acid at home. However, it should be imperative that you take all the necessary precautions in advance so that you avoid seriously injuring yourself.

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