Battery Reconditioning Charger | What You Need To Know

What To Look For When Buying A Battery Reconditioning Charger

When it comes to buying a battery reconditioning charger, you might be wondering if it would really be necessary. For any one looking to recondition batteries at home, a charger is necessary. There are so many models to choose from that you would automatically get confused. In addition, if you are thinking that you would pick the most sophisticated and high-priced one, that would also not do the job. This is because your particular situation would determine the kind of battery reconditioning charger which would be best for you.


picture of a battery charger

Tips for buying a battery reconditioning charger

So, when you would set out to buy a battery charger, there are a couple of important features that you would need to look out for. If you are curious to find out more about it, take a look below.

Voltage and size of battery

One of the first things that you would need to determine is the kind of vehicle in which the battery charger would be used. Simply put, this would help to decide if you would require a small battery or a large one if it would need to handle 6-volt applications or even 12 volts.

That being said, a common and inexpensive car battery charger that would be suitable for home use would be able to accommodate 12-volt batteries. In some cases, it would also be able to handle 6-volt batteries. However, if you are quite sure that you would not require 6-volts, then you would be able to save money by choosing a 12-volt vehicle battery charger.

Chemistry of the battery

The next thing that you would need to look for in a battery reconditioning charger is the battery chemistry. To make it easy for you, most of the car batteries that you would be able to find in today’s market would be lead acid batteries with lead plates in an acid bath. The place where they would seem to differ is whether they would be AGM, standard lead-acid, Deep cycle, or Gel Cel.

Fully automatic

You would find battery chargers to be automatic or manual. Many of these chargers would be fully automatic which would mean that they would be able to detect when the battery of your vehicle would be fully charged. Not only that, but they would also be able to automatically switch to a float mode or maintenance charge in order to protect the battery from overcharging.

According to the experts, this would be an important feature that you should look out for since you would be able to find it on several high quality vehicle battery chargers.

Appropriate or multiple charging amp rates

Many of the battery reconditioning chargers have multiple charging amp rates. This would depend on whether you would use a large one, a small one, or if you would be maintaining one. Hence, it would be common to see at least 2-amp and 10-amp charging rates. In fact, it would not be important to have large charging amp rates if it would not be required for you. That is why you should check the battery charger to make sure that it would match your application as far as charging amps and charge times are concerned.

Ease of usepicture of battery being charged

This is something for which close attention must be paid to. This is because it would be important that you use a charger that would be easy to use. In that case, you could go with a fully automatic one since it would require minimal adjustment. On the other hand, if you would have more than one battery, each of which would be a different type, then you might require a more capable charger with a diverse range of selections and a more complicated setup. In addition, you should also look for chargers with big handles if you would like it to be portable.


This would bring us to the end of the discussion where battery reconditioning charger is concerned. Other than all this, it would also be highly recommended that you would only purchase from reputed dealers, both online and face to face. Even if it would cost you slightly more, you would be assured of the fact that you would be getting the genuine product at the end of the day.